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UFC 285 — Jon “Bones” Jones

Credit: Rodney James Edgar/Cageside Press

Like it or not, weight loss has its roots in mixed martial arts. MMA adopts weight cutting from wrestling. This assumes the advantage of being the biggest and strongest in your weight class.

known as Most UFC fighters lose anywhere from 5-25 pounds, with some fighters losing more than 30 pounds. Cutting weight is the ultimate test of discipline and willpower.

Many fighters in this sport consider it very unprofessional to miss weight. And there is always a risk that a fighter will lose a percentage of their fight money.

In this series, we will shine a light on selected fighters who have lost a lot of weight. People who have missed weight many times in the past who made changes in weight along with methods for losing weight and weighing Affect upcoming matches

In short, every aspect of weight loss and how it affects the fighting game.

Jon “Bones” Jones (26-1, 1 NC MMA, 20-1, 1 NC UFC)

Light Heavyweight (205 pounds): 20-1 (UFC) Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion

Heavyweight (265 pounds): 0-0 (MMA) UFC and career debut

Jon Jones will return to compete in the UFC at UFC 285 after a three-year hiatus.

Often described as the most naturally gifted fighter ever, Jones stands 6’4 inches tall and stands 84.5 inches tall. because of his two younger brothers (Chandler and Arthur Jones) are Super Bowl winning NFL players.

The man known as ‘Bones’ will come a long way when he walks into the cage at UFC 285. Jon got his nickname ‘Bones’ for various reasons. Even when making a championship weight of 205 pounds, just as he did for throughout his career It’s hard to remember a time when Jon Jones looks bad or unhealthy from his weight loss.

Surprisingly, Jones was never a light heavyweight fighter. Although he has a large body for such a model. Thanks to his small stature, especially his legs.

Even if middleweight fights moving up to 205 pounds have been entertaining throughout his career (like Israel Adesanya), at 20 pounds, the gap would undoubtedly be too much for Jones to handle the weight. down to 185 pounds

The 14x UFC fight championship winner took years out of MMA to gain muscle. At one point his weight peaked at 267 lbs. Jones, who when fighting at 205 lbs, was about 220 lbs. outside of camp, was probably close to 245 lbs for his heavyweight fight. Cyril Gain.

While Jones was considered unimpressive by many fans during UFC 285 fight week, he was definitely going to get stronger when he was brought back to the northern squat at 450 pounds. This year, it appears to be about 25 pounds of natural looking body weight considering age. body type and purpose of weight

The two main questions on my mind for Jon’s rise to heavyweight were:

How will the extra weight affect Jon’s skill set?

How will the new UFC heavyweight opponent fight Jones?

In short, Jon had never heard of him in the light heavyweight division. and only Alexander Only Gustafson comes close (79-inch reach), but in the heavyweight this doesn’t happen. When he fought some naturally big men

Jones had a great fight. Use a variety of elbows and kicks. One of his greatest weapons is the creativity that ties technique and attack together. Jon’s wrestling and kicks will be key assets in heavyweight to control the timing and distance of the dangerous exchanges. And being a “lighter” heavyweight has proven a historical advantage for fighters like Stipe Miocic in terms of speed and cardio.

Jon Jones has a lot of hungry competition that goes against him very well physically and style.


Sergei Pavlovich At 6’3″ with 84″ to and weighing in at 255lbs., Jon Pavlovich is one of the immediate threats. Only 30 years old and with a deep Greco-Roman wrestling and grappling background (Sergei is also a Official back-up for the main event of UFC 285)

meiotic type At 6’4″ with an 80″ reach and weighing in at 234lbs is another threat to Jon. Type may be 40 years old, but his Division I collegiate wrestling background and slick boxing make him still a threat.

Curtis Blaydes At 6’4″ with an 80″ reach and weighing in at 260lbs, it was another immediate threat to Jones. Curtis is a highly decorated NJCAA wrestler who has flawlessly brought his wrestling to MMA and has also become a foot threat.

Tom Aspinall At 6’5″ with a reach of 78″ and weighing in at 251 pounds, it’s a fighter that could be a threat in the years to come. Tom suffered a serious knee injury last year fighting Curtis Blaydes, but at just 29 years old it could be a tough fight for Jones if/when he returns.

There are also such fighters as Sergey Spivak and Alexander Volkov That could lead to a great fight on the horizon.

The fighting world will be watching as Jones rises to the ranks ahead of the next day’s UFC Heavyweight Championship fight against Cyril Gane on March 4 in Las Vegas.

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