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UFC 285 Preview: Cody Garbrandt

Saturday night in the UFC 285 Feature Qualifier, the former world champion returns to his original weight class. Former bantamweight champion Cody “No Love” Garbrandt (12-5) is back as he faces Trevin “5 Star” Jones (13-9).

Trevin Jones is off to a very hot start in the UFC with back-to-back knockout wins. One such win was awarded to the No Contest due to a positive marijuana test. However, it has been a difficult skiing for Jones since he has been on a losing streak in three fights.

He was not Garbrandt’s original opponent, but he took advantage when the original opponent fell. This is a huge opportunity for him against the former world champion.

Going into 2017, Cody Garbrandt is on top of the world. He is undefeated and was the UFC Bantamweight Champion. However, since the beginning of 2017, he has gone 1-5 including four knockout losses. Three of these come in the first round.

Garbrandt’s final fight came at 125 pounds as he faced Kay Kara-France. He was hoping to revive his career, but instead he was knocked out in the first round. He took a year off and is now returning to his original weight class in hopes of picking up a win.

UFC 285 prediction

The crazy thing about Cody Garbrandt is his age. He spoke of him as if he was about 40 years old given the way things had been going lately. However, the former UFC champion did not turn 32 as of July. However, it has become very difficult to bet on him lately.

When you look at the skills of both fighters, Cody Garbrandt should win this fight. He is more accurate and has been trying to hone his boxing skills lately. However, Garbrandt has a bad history of wanting to fight whenever he’s touched.

Jones has the ability to deflect him, and if he gets into melee mode, I can easily see him being stopped. Jones never finished through the blows, but Garbrandt would test that.

I will tend to take Garbrandt’s decision here. Maybe mix in some wrestling and stay crisp with boxing. If he fights smartly, he must win. However, if he starts a ruckus, he’ll walk out.

Prediction: Cody Garbrandt by decision

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