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UFMS announces Vestibular 2023 Curriculum

The Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS) announced this Thursday, June 30, the Vestibular 2023 Exam Curriculum. University website:.

The document presents a list of subjects in the following areas: I – Languages ​​և their technologies; II – Mathematics և its technologies; III – Natural sciences և their technologies. IV – Humanities և their technologies; V – Written.

Traditionally, the UFMS vestibular examination consists of 60 multiple choice objective questions և a discursive essay test.

According to the UFMS schedule. The application for the Vestibular 2023 exams is scheduled for December 4. The examination will take place in the morning, from 8 to 13 o’clock.

The total offer of new students by UFMS in 2023 will be 5525 places. Of the total number of vacancies, 3347 are for Vestibular, and 1089 are for those approved in the final phase of Transitional 3 (Optional Serial Assessment Program).

Opportunities are spread across all 114 university courses. Courses are taught campuses Aquidauana, Chapadão do Sul, Coxim, Navirai, Nova Andradina, Paranaíba, Ponta Porã, Três Lagoas և Pantanal: The tests are administered in cities where there are UFMS training units.

to pass in 2023

According to UFMS, the tests of the 1st, 2nd և 3rd stages of the 2022-2023 passport will be applied on December 11, from 8 am to 1 pm. The content of the tests varies by stage, as each corresponds to a high school series.

The tests of the first two rounds of the Pass will consist of 60 objective questions. The 3rd stage test, in addition to the objective questions, has a written test.

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