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UFT և UFNT Releases 2nd Call for Vestibular 2022 via Enem

Federal University of Tocantins (UFT) և Federal University of Northern Tocantins (UFNT) has released its second call for the 2022 Final Results of the Supplementary Electoral Process (PSC). The call can be found on the UFT website.

According to the new announcement, the candidates must complete the first stage of registration on July 5 և 6. This step is virtual և requires the necessary documents for admission through the university system.

The second stage consists of submitting documents in person to confirm the information sent using the Registration Manual. The UFT will publish the procedure dates on its website.

In addition, candidates who have competed for vacancies through the quota system of indigenous peoples, parodos, must pass the Heteroidentification Commission. Candidates vying for vacancies for people with disabilities must submit a medical report.

About Vestibular 2022 via Enem

UFT և UFNT was selected exclusively from Enem (High School National Examination) scores. According to the public announcement, the estimates for Enem publications from 2015 to 2021 have been accepted, so only students who have taken one of these publications can participate in the selection.

UFT և UFNT’s overall offer for Vestibular 2022 through Enem is 785 places in 42 undergraduate courses in various fields. Vacancies are for seven campuses In the cities of Araguaina, Arayas, Gurupi, Mirasema, Palmas, Porto Nacional ոկ Tokantinopolis.

Some of the vacancies were reserved under the Quota Act, that is, for students attending high school in public schools, at the rate of natives’s kilograms.

Visit the UFT website for more details.

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