UGotIT – the first e-commerce competition for developers

If you could change one thing about the e-shopping process, what would it be? Imagine zero restrictions and millions of needs for millions of users just waiting to be discovered or fixed. That’s what UGotIT, the first e-commerce competition of its kind for IT professionals, is all about.

The continued development of the e-commerce industry and new consumer habits mean that ever-evolving technology is increasingly responsive to the needs of shoppers. However, every buying process can be improved. The competition task is to design the “Shopping Tomorrow” application using any technology, and the prize pool is PLN 28,000.

According to research, more than 77% of Poles shop online, which certainly saves time and money, and developing technologies allow consumers to make a safe and proven choice. On the other hand, many Internet users have made unsuccessful purchases. Abandoned carts, inadequate product descriptions, page loading when you least expect it… it’s still an online reality. “If you have examples of such situations in your head, and most importantly, you have almost ready-made solutions on how to improve procurement in terms of technology, then the UGotIT competition is for you.” – encourages Dominica Armatis one of the organizers of the competition.

Tomorrow’s Shopping – Eye of the Jury

“We work with e-commerce customers every day. We know how important and what potential it is in the highly competitive world of e-shopping to properly design new features to meet the growing expectations of customers. That’s why we decided that the theme of our competition will be “Shopping Tomorrow”. we focus on innovations that will allow many developers to spread their wings as a competitive task, activate their creativity and allow them to boldly approach the proposed solution. . We hope that this kind of freedom will be something that will be appreciated by both developers and people who deal with the e-commerce industry every day. Damian NovoiskyUGotIT Chair, Unity Group Delivery Manager.

Such initiatives are also a great start to start your own business. That’s what happened with the organizers of the competition, Unity Group. 25 years ago, a group of friends won a L’Oréal competition for IT students. Today, the company they founded employs more than 500 IT professionals and is a digital transformation partner of many Polish enterprises.

Mentoring, AWS training and project presentation sessions

Thanks to the new formula, the UGotIT competition gives an opportunity to go a little way to evaluate “startup” applications. The organizers have prepared a complete set of additional trainings and consultations for all interested parties. As part of the competition, participants, working in teams or individually (teams can have a maximum of 5 people), receive support from mentors, senior developers and architects from the field of e-commerce (front-end and back-end) in the form of 1:1 online sessions. Importantly, mentors do not define the problems for which an application can be created (in the e-procurement process), but they provide support and their technical knowledge.

Within the framework of the “Mentoring Package”, the participants will also get to know the selected cloud tools Amazon Web Services, which is the competition’s technology partner. A crash course will follow Wojciech Gawronski, Senior Developer Advocate at AWSwho is one of the judges of the UGotIT competition. The last stage of the mentorship will be the online counseling sessions, which are prepared for the appropriate presentation of the project in front of the client or the jury, which will be held; Sebastian Blaszkiewicz – Unity Group Sales Director. Finally, all applications will be evaluated by a panel of independent expert judges.

What technology?! Any!

“We’re pretty liberal in our choices, not just in technology,” he laughs Tomasz Włodarczyk, UGotIT competition jury, Senior Front End Developer at Unity Group. – As developers, we don’t like to be limited by something, we definitely work better… without limitations. UGotIT is a competition invented by programmers for programmers, that’s why we measure the participants by our size and determine complete freedom in choosing the programming language and the final form of the solution. It can be a mobile, desktop or web app.”

The submitted solution will be evaluated during an online session by a jury in five categories: usefulness, creativity, user experience, correct implementation and height. Each area can receive 20 points, giving a total maximum. 100 points.

“However, before the evaluation phase, the participants receive mentoring support, work in any configuration, write in any language, create any application that solves the problem mentioned by the participants in the field of e-procurement. The main prize is 15,000. PLN that will support the budget of the best app creators. By the way, networking with senior developers, working in the AWS cloud, attending sessions with experts and fence-first cats in case of pitch sales. A very important business skill, because it’s not enough to code well, it’s also worth being able to sell your work well. The important thing is that the application developed during the competition will be evaluated by our experts and finally it can be introduced to the market after completing all the formalities. he adds Tomasz Wlodarczyk.

How to register for the contest?

You can register for the competition using the contact form on the website Registration begins on January 9, 2023. The number of places is limited. Participants have almost 6 weeks to write an application. The deadline for submission of ready-made solutions is 20.03.2023. The first 3 places in the competition will be awarded, and the prize pool is PLN 28,000. The competition ends with the closing event, which will take place in May of this year. In Krakow. The technology partner for the event is AWS, and media sponsorship is provided by Antyweb and PHPers. Participation in the competition does not incur additional costs for the participants.

More information and contest rules can be found at:

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