Ukraine accuses Russia of launching missiles from the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

About 500 Moscow troops remain in the region controlling the plant; President of Ukrainian nuclear operator says situation ‘extremely tense’

NPP Zaporizhzhia / ESN / AFPPower plant of Ukraine
Ukrainian officials accuse Russia of deploying missiles at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

the authorities of Ukraine accused Russia to deploy rocket launchers at the nuclear power plant in Zaporozhye to fire at the Nikopol and Dnipro regions, which were attacked in the early hours of Saturday, the 16th. “The Russian occupiers installed missile launch systems on the territory of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant,” said Petro Kotin, president of Energoatom. a Ukrainian nuclear power operator. According to him, the situation at the nuclear power plant is “extremely tense” and is getting worse every day. “The occupiers are bringing their machinery, including missile systems, with which they attacked the other side” of the Dnipro River and “the territory of Nikopol,” he reported, adding that about 500 Russian soldiers remain in control of the plant, which it is Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant. Early Saturday, rockets from Moscow hit residential buildings in Nikopol, killing two people and damaging 12 buildings, as well as a school and university, Dnipro regional governor Valentin Reznichenko said. Near Kharkiv, Governor Oleh Synyehubov also announced an overnight rocket attack that killed three people.

*With information from AFP

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