Ukrainians shower Russians with Polish cucumbers. This video is taking the web by storm

The war in Ukraine shows a new face – the network is full of videos showing unconventional ways of fighting the enemy using drones. The latest video created a sensation on the Internet.

Ukrainians attack Russians … with field cucumbers

It is a video in which a Ukrainian drone throws explosives at the enemy. This would not be surprising (there are a lot of such videos on the web), if there were not … attached jars with cucumbers from the Polish company Krakus.

The video is a real sensation on the web. Internet users joke that the brand may become part of the Polish Armaments Group, and its products destroy the system (literally).

In fact, the drone was equipped with grenades, and cucumber jars were attached to the weight of the falling cargo or to release the wedges. This type of attack is very popular in the war in the East – a civilian drone can fly over enemy positions unnoticed and eliminate enemy infantry. It is a cheap, but also very effective and brutal way of fighting against aggressors.

More advanced drones (or rather unmanned aerial vehicles) are fighting on the front, such as Bayraktar TB2, Switchblade or Warmate. However, we should not forget that there are also special microwave weapons on the market for combating drones.

Source: Twitter @ Przemek Shura

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