Understand how to clean screens without scratching

Today we will share some information to help you understand how to clean screens without scratching.

New devices are launched every day with updated features that advance with each release. However, in a world where change and evolution are present every minute, there is only one thing that never changes, and that is the cleaning that must be done in all objects and places, including screens.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a few tips for you to disinfect your screens without scratching them and keep your devices clean so you can get the most out of their features and not risk spreading germs. devices.

So, if you are interested and want to know more, be sure to read till the end to be amazed by our tips.

Why is it important to clean screens?

Technology is advancing more and more, and in today’s world, wherever we go, we can find screens, be it from mobile phones, computers, tablets or smart TVs.

Like all objects and appliances, these electronics need to be disinfected. Because they accumulate a lot of dirt, especially when it comes to devices of continuous use, such as smartphones and tablets.

It turns out that these items come into contact with many surfaces, and if they are not cleaned properly and often, they can become the perfect habitat for some germs and bacteria that cause various health hazards.

In addition, since the screens provide us with the content presented by the device, it is important to keep them clean and mirror-like, so that the field of view is not obstructed by dirt residues and marks left on them.

For these reasons, keeping screens and devices clean is important for health and to use all the functions they offer without any problems.

How to clean screens without scratches?

Now that you know the importance of keeping devices and screens clean, it’s time to figure out how to do it scratch-free.

The device’s screens are made to withstand a lot of friction, but if you want to keep them smooth for longer, you need to take special care. Because scratches on the screen can impair vision just as much as the remains of dirt and marks accumulated on them.

So that you know how to clean your screens without scratches, we have broken down how to do it step by step, check out:

Mobile phone and tablet screen

To clean the screen of mobile phones and tablets, you will need cotton, paper towel and alcohol 70.

Dampen a cotton swab with alcohol and gently rub back and forth across the screen until the dirt is removed. Then place the mobile phone or tablet screen facing the paper towel and leave it for a few minutes to remove all the moisture from the device.

You can also transfer the cotton swab soaked in alcohol to other parts of the device to disinfect it. So you can use it safer knowing it’s bacteria-free.

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Laptop and Smart TV screens

Laptop and smart TV screens need a bit more care and attention as they are more sensitive than cell phone and tablet screens.

To clean them, turn off the devices, unplug them, and wipe the screen with a soft, dry cloth until the screen is clean.

These cleaning cloths are made of cotton or microfiber because they do not leave any residue on surfaces and are very soft, which prevents their fibers from scratching screens.

Remember to always move in the same direction and be careful not to smudge your notebook or TV screens.

There are also some special screen cleaners that can be used to remove dirt more easily and are available at electronics stores.

Now that you know how to clean screens without scratches. Follow our tips to avoid problems with dirt or scratches on your electronics.

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