Unicef ​​and Upland create a Web 3.0 education program for young Brazilians

The partnership will donate proceeds from the sale of NFTs on the platform to the organization’s projects that will train thousands of youth.

Upland and Unicef ​​Brasil announced a long-term partnership to develop a new social project involving a Web 3.0 academy aimed at young Brazilians. The aim of the initiative is to ensure that Brazilians aged 18 to 24 are educated online3, creating a link between secondary education and training.

As part of this launch, the metaverse platform will sell UNICEF-inspired Christmas digital items to players from December 22nd, with a portion of the proceeds from the operation going directly to UNICEF and the other portion being donated to UNICEF’s education program.

“Over the past four years, we’ve seen thousands of stories of our users achieving financial success through their web3 experience. In partnership with UNICEF Brazil, we are excited to create an opportunity for young people to learn how to create the same opportunities for themselves, as well as a real-world educational program to support them first-hand,” explained Idan Zuckerman. Co-founder and CEO of UPLAND.

In the metaverse city of Rio de Janeiro, which has already been launched in Uplnad, there will be two Unicef-branded factories that will produce Christmas decorations such as the famous Christmas gnomes, and the products will be available for purchase by Unicef ​​dignitaries. a virtual showroom located in Fluminense, the capital of the metaverse.

The content of the educational program is defined by Unicef’s 1Mio (1 Million Opportunities) initiative and developed by Upland. Students will be trained in five different competencies such as core skills, job specific skills, digital skills, entrepreneurial skills and transferable skills.

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