Unicorn Hunters #09 – Young guy develops software to reduce deaths from preventable diseases

In Unicorn Hunters, entrepreneur Nikhil Sehgal presents technology as a way to change the global health imbalance.

Reproduction/Jovem Pan NewsExcerpt from the Unicorn Hunters program
Young man develops software to reduce the number of deaths from preventable diseases

Cardiovascular diseases lead the number of deaths in the world, according to the World Health Organization.WHO). Therefore, it is not difficult to recognize someone who has died of a stroke (stroke), peripheral vascular diseases and infarction. Thinking how some of these deaths could be avoided just by following information on vital signs and seeking medical help in time, London businessman Nikhil Sehgal, 30, has developed technology with the aim of changing the world’s health imbalance with a smartphone and to bring a potential medical technology unicorn to market.

Vastmindz’s proposition is to be accessible and work on any device with a built-in camera so that artificial intelligence can monitor the individual. “Subtle changes in light absorption by an individual’s skin reflect their physiological state, meaning we can infer pulse, rest, breathing rate and stress levels in seconds without even touching them,” Sehgal explained. The program presented the technology that can help doctors and people in the fight against deaths from preventable diseases unicorn hunters, reality television that democratizes investments, which can come from specialists at Círculo do Dinheiro, or from viewers. However, in addition to a great proposition with a social objective, it is important that the startup has the potential to earn billions of dollars a year.

For Nikhil Sehgal, this was an opportunity to raise $10 million to invest in the engineering team, aggressively pursue new customers and accelerate new product lines, including in the pet health and wellness sector, by monitor the animal’s breathing rate during sleep. The young man’s vision won over the program’s experienced investors, who unanimously backed him. In addition to making access easier and reducing costs – each vital sign check costs an average of US$0.30 – the idea proposes to attract a broad market of health insurers who, through the software, can save fortunes on treatments, hospitalizations and operations, only with early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases.

Inside the reality show

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