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Unifesp announces a public tender for healthcare professionals

Public Notice Offers Vacancy for Professor in Human and Medical Genetics/Genetics

THE: Federal University of Sao Paulo (Unifesp) announced the opening of a new public tender for the employment of professors in the area and genetics/human and medical geneticswith direct action on the campus of the institution.

To apply for the position, candidates must have a degree in addition to a professional qualification in the field of tendering. The salary offered can range from R$3,130.85 to R$5,831.21, in addition to a meal allowance of R$458.00. The working day is 40 hours per week


Those who want to apply for one of the vacant positions can apply directly on the website until 12.07.2022. university. The registration fee is set at R$145.78.


Candidates will be evaluated through a didactic test (classification and elimination); plus practical test and proof of ranks as per the criteria mentioned in the public notification.

The public tender is valid for 01 year from the date of confirmation of the final result, which may be extended once for an equal period at the discretion of the administration.


  • Participate in the development and implementation of the subject’s teaching plan in accordance with the pedagogical project of the courses for which its subjects are offered;
  • To teach with their responsibility together with other teachers, fully complying with the Teaching Plan of the discipline and its workload;
  • Use methodologies relevant to the discipline, striving for constant updates.
  • Actively participate in the scientific and cultural development of their field of knowledge.
  • to register students’ attendance, test scores and their disciplinary results in the educational system in the form and within the specified time limits;
  • Organize and apply the tools for evaluating students’ academic results.
  • Maintain compulsory attendance and punctuality of didactic works.
  • Promote and promote research and community outreach activities;
  • Prepares an activity plan and report in accordance with the established deadlines.
  • Organize and apply evaluation tools, judge and report results to scientists; among other activities.

NOTICE 336/2022

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