UOKIK accuses fitness influencers of using hidden advertising

The cryptocurrency Instagram case is back. UOKiK makes accusations and reminds of the necessity to properly label sponsored posts on social networks

4 proceedings and accusations of inappropriate labeling of advertising materials on social networks. This is another effect of the UOKiK control, which looks at Polish influencers active on social networks. Allegations of hidden advertising were also leveled against Olimp laboratories, which, among other things, commissioned advertisements for their products. popular in the world of fitness Instagrammers.

We have long urged the market to allow advertisers and influencers themselves to be transparent about the commercial nature of social media posts. We have provided terms that are insufficient and may therefore mislead the recipient. If the creators like the word “collaboration” so much, then they should clearly define its nature, eg as commercial / advertising, so as not to leave their recipients in doubt.

– explains Tomasz Chróstny, president of UOKiK.

Allegations of ambiguous labeling of advertising materials on Instagram were brought against three influencers from the fitness industry – Katarzyna Dziurska, Katarzyna Oleśkiewicz-Szuba and Piotr Lisek. Creators were supposed to promote the products of various advertisers in their paid posts without clearly identifying the sponsored content. This could lead to the deception of the very consumers who came across these posts. Initiated proceedings may lead to the imposition of a penalty for violation of the collective interests of consumers up to 10%. trading.

Cryptocurrency ads on Instagram continued. UOKiK targets multiple companies and influencers

At the same time, the office reminds the rules that Polish influencers and people advertising products on social networks should follow. They must be clearly marked. And one that does not raise any doubts and clearly shows the nature of the entry. UOKiK has repeatedly indicated that signing posts with hashtags in English such as #ad or using the #cooperation symbol alone is insufficient. Even after many reports, there is still a large group of advertisers and influencers who do not meet these obligations.

The use of a hashtag consisting of a combination of the company name and the English abbreviation “AD” has little to do with transparent advertising activities on the Internet, especially since Olimp Laboratories in emails to its business partners refers to “the strong interest of UOKiK in influencer actions on social media portals media”

– says the president of UOKiK.

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