Upgrading to Windows 10 stops OneDrive

Earlier this month, Microsoft released another Windows 10 operating system update as part of its Patch Tuesday program. It is now known that installing this package can cause OneDrive and OneDrive for Business apps to crash.

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We are talking about the KB5018410 package, the distribution of which started on October 11. The issue affects Windows 10 22H2 and earlier versions of the software platform. Microsoft has acknowledged that installing this update may cause unwanted results, stating that developers are already working on a fix, but it won’t be released until next week.

“OneDrive may close unexpectedly with an error message when you try to perform certain tasks, including signing out or disabling an account after syncing with Microsoft OneDrive. This message is primarily for Windows 10 22H2 and Windows 10 22H1 computers. You may also have trouble uninstalling the OneDrive app.

This shortcoming can be a big problem for commercial customers who are increasingly turning to cloud storage when choosing where to store their data. According to Statista, more than 60% of corporate data is stored in the cloud this year, roughly doubling from 2015.

To avoid problems with OneDrive, users should not rush to install KB5018410. It is not yet known when exactly a patch will be released to fix the bug that stops OneDrive.

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