Urgent: watch the moment when businessman m4ta workers hit and run, in Manaus

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Manaus – This Monday morning (26), a woman identified as Andreia Trindade, 46 years old, died after being run over by a car moving at high speed on Avenida Coronel Teixeira, in the Ponta Negra district, in the western zone of Manaus. The driver then fled the scene, and security cameras in the region captured his car, a black Hilux pickup truck.

Since the license plate was identified, they were also able to identify in whose name the car was registered. According to the information, the driver of the vehicle would be Adauto do Carmo Santos Junior, owner of the car rental company Via Alvorada, located on Rua Professor Abílio Alencar, in the Alvorada district, in the Midwest zone of Manaus.

Popular people, having learned that the entrepreneur was drunk and that he ran away without even thinking of help, decided to write graffiti on his premises as a sign of protest for justice. In order for Adauto not to go unpunished, this Tuesday morning (27) the family members must carry out an action.

So far, the subject has been reported as a fugitive from justice.

remember the case

According to the information, the victim worked as a general service at the Maternidade Moura Tapajós, in the Compensa district, west of Manaus, and was waiting for the bus with her husband to go to work. As usual, Andreia woke up early, got ready and was ready to start another week when the worst happened.

The driver of the Hilux, who was driving at high speed, lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the bus stop, running over Andrea and her husband. The woman died at the same time, the man was unconscious at the scene, but when he woke up, in a state of shock and despair, he tried to revive his beloved.

“Don’t leave me, my love. I love you,” the man said as he cried and hugged Andrea’s body.

Motorcycle taxi drivers who witnessed the accident helped the man, and they reported that the pickup driver must have been drunk because he was ‘cutting the street’. The body of the worker was removed by the Legal and Medical Institute (IML) and now the case must be investigated by the civil police as the driver of the Hilux fled the scene and could be liable for manslaughter.

Andreia’s relatives want justice to be done so that no other lives are taken in this way. The wife leaves behind two children, one aged 16 and the other aged six.

Watch the video of the exact moment of the tragedy:

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