Urgently needed in Bad Nordkirchen

It is not only on hot days that attracts many people to the pool. But there isn’t one in Nordkirchen and hasn’t been for years. Our author believes that an on-site bathroom will be extremely important.

The indoor swimming pool in Nordkirchen has been closed for a long time. © Karim Lawari

When I had to learn to swim with my brother when I was little, we drove from Ludinghausen to the neighboring city of Nordkirchen once a week. There was a dedicated course leader and, above all, a large swimming pool. As a less talented swimmer, I also made it to the sea horse. But that’s in the past.

Today, children who want to swim in Nordkirchen have to walk several kilometers. Because the pool has been closed for a long time and a new solution is a long time coming. Especially after the corona lockdown, many children have a physical need to reach. In the water, young swimmers learn a sense of sequence of movements and ideally take the joy of the sport with them instead of just curling up in front of a computer or Playstation.

However, if there is no suitable offer in place for years, many parents do not have to travel from Nordkirchen to neighboring towns. Even more non-swimmers could be the result. The number is already alarmingly large. According to the NRW Swimming Association, there were about 152,000 non-swimmers in the 2020/21 academic year.

With so many non-swimmers looking to cool off in the hot summer weather, the risk of something actually happening in the water is greater. It is not only DLRG that is longing for Nordkirchen to finally be able to swim again. As an anti-water rat, I would also like to visit the place where I learned to swim back then.

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