US soccer legend defends dance for Brazilians: ‘I feel sorry for those who have no joy’

Alexis Lalas disputed Roy Keane’s comments about Brazilian players’ celebration against South Korea

Lucas Figueiredo/CBFBrazilian team
In all of Brazil’s goals against South Korea, the players did little jumping

The celebrations of Brazil against South Korea continue to reverberate through the world of football. This Tuesday, 06, the former player of the North American national team Alexis Lalas, gave his take on the controversy created by Roy Keane: is it disrespectful to celebrate a goal by dancing? “If you are a person who gets angry at soccer players who jump after scoring goals, or Brazilian players who jump after scoring a goal, you have a distorted view of what sport is at a World Cup. Sorry for you. I feel the life he lives, which lacks love, joy and passion”, said Lalas in a TV show. FOX Sports🇧🇷 Keane’s speech had many consequences after Brazil’s qualification, even when Tite had to take a stand. In the nets, fans remembered that Keane was not a respectful player with the opposition and took difficult shots.

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