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Using technology, we simulated what these 9 celebrities would look like without beauty treatments / Unbelievable

Time passes before our eyes, this is a truth we cannot escape. For celebrities whose entire lives have been captured on camera, imagine what it’s like to face change over the years. That’s why many follow measures to mitigate the signs of aging. We wondered how some celebrities would have aged without aesthetic treatments, and we used artificial intelligence to design the faces of these 9 celebrities. See how much better they aged than the computer predicted.

1. Elba Ramalho

Since the beginning of her career, singer Elba Ramalho has always attracted attention with her extravagant beauty. In order to preserve his youth, he has already undergone plastic surgery, but admitted in an interview that he is really a fan peeling and filling with botox. The 80’s muse believes that once she’s on stage, she lets nature take its course without hiding gray hair!

2. Monique Evans

Monique Evans was a symbol of beauty in her youth, and even today, at the age of 60, she is still an example for many women. To take care of the image, the model has already implemented several aesthetic measures. She is skilled at applying SAN threads to her face, which stimulate collagen production and make the skin firmer and more alive.

3. Betty Faria

One of the veterans of Brazilian television is still active and full of charm after turning 80 years old. Betty, who has already undergone aesthetic procedures – which she admits she regrets – does not leave skin and body treatments aside. He warns that it is normal to worry about aging, but one must be careful not to exaggerate it.

4. Nelson Rubens

Anyone who thinks men don’t care about how they look on camera is wrong. Proof of this is Nelson Rubens. Already at the age of 80, the presenter decided to have a facial harmonization to reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging. At the time of the procedure, onlookers claimed she looked 20 years younger.

5. Luiza Tome

Luiza Tomé advocates natural treatments to keep skin healthy and avoid signs of aging. The actress claims that she has even undergone facial procedures such as eyelid surgery and botox, but the secret of her beauty lies in natural treatment. Based on Musee’s photos on social networks, it seems that this formula works!

6. Giovanna Antonelli

Giovanna Antonelli is a model of beauty for almost all women of her generation. In addition to the good mood, it seems that year after year she is always beautiful. The actor, who has already undergone plastic surgery, also resorts to other anti-aging measures and jokes: “We renew ourselves over the years”.

7. Deborah Bloch

Synonymous with beauty and elegance, Debora Bloch is very private in her personal life. But he has already said in interviews that he resorted to botox to preserve his youth. However, he says he regretted the procedure and now only takes care of himself naturally. Whatever the procedure is this time, the truth is that she is still beautiful!

8. Mauricio Mattar

It wasn’t until the age of 60 that the actor Maurício Mattar decided to use technology to cheat a little time. At the age of 58, he underwent facial harmonization and claims that he really enjoyed the result. The heartthrob’s biggest concern was losing his naturalness, but he became even more charming, don’t you agree?

9. Susana Vieira

Susana Vieira’s pointless attitude is nothing new to almost anyone. And that heavy dose of self-love could be the formula for the actress to reach 80 in such good shape, squandering beauty and inclination. As for the “minor makeover,” she assumes she’s already had plastic surgery “from head to toe.”

Looking at those predictions, they all turned out better than the technology could predict, didn’t they? And you, have you ever wanted a radical change? Let us know in the comments.

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