Vale-gás is the government program with the longest waiting list

The National Gas Voucher Program is the Federal Government’s social assistance program that currently has the longest waiting list. The 13kg cylinder project has a waiting list of more than 18 million Brazilians waiting to be on the payroll, according to data transfer projections.

The Federal Government’s National Gas Voucher was officially established by the House of Representatives late last year. In the official document of the social project, the authors of the project made it clear that the money should reach all people who have an active Cadúnico or who are at least part of the Benefício de Prestação Continuada (BPC) of the Social National Institute. Security (INSS).

In addition, the original text of the project also required users to have up to half of the minimum wage per capita, i.e. 606 rials. According to the data of this program, the internal assessment of PP estimated that more than 24 million Brazilians meet the above rules. So they should all get the benefit.

Budget area

Be that as it may, the text of the social project also left the Federal government free to serve only those users that the budget space allows. Today, according to the data of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, slightly more than 5 million people receive money from the national gas voucher. Thus, more than 19 million are still waiting for a job vacancy.

The government explains that there is no room in the budget to serve all the people who are part of the benefit. So they created a kind of demarcation to favor only a part of this audience. Today, the preferred audience to receive the program is those who are part of Auxílio Brasil and have the lowest per capita income.

outdated numbers

There is a queue to enter the national gas voucher with the cut. Today, many people who meet all the rules for entering a welfare program cannot receive anything from the Federal Government. After all, they are waiting for a job vacancy.

It should also be taken into account that now there is no official calculation that would show the real size of the problem. The figures, which show that there are about 18 million Brazilians in line for a national gas voucher, are from late last year.

Contrary to what happened with the Auxílio Brasil program, the Federal Government did not reset the waiting list for entering the national gas voucher this year. In this way, it can be understood that it is likely that the number of users on the list has increased in recent months.

By comparison, even after the Auxílio Brasil program’s waiting list was cleared in January of this year, the list has re-formed and today already has almost 3 million Brazilians, according to projections from the National Confederation of Municipalities. (CNM).

Gas Voucher: Unchanged

The status of the gas voucher should not change at least until the end of this year. Earlier this month, the National Congress approved the so-called PEC on benefits. The document envisages a number of changes in the social programs of the Federal Government.

Specifically on the national gas voucher, the text envisages an increase in the cost of the project from the current 53 roubles to 120 roubles per dollar as of August. However, there is no prediction of a significant change in the number of users participating in the program, there is no mention of the size of the queue.

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