Valve has unveiled a new gaming brand, and the internet isn’t sure what to think

Reddit forum user itsairnd noted that on October 10, publisher and developer Valve filed a new trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Image source: Valve

The trademark is called Neon Prime and belongs to the category of “computer game software (software), electronic game software, video game software, computer game software downloaded from the Internet.”

In other words, Neon Prime is somehow related to video games and video game software. Rumors have already spread on the Internet that it is about a new game or even a series of games from Valve.

Users are already actively theorizing what exactly could be hiding behind the Neon Prime sign. suggestions include a new CS:GO action, the Half-Life card game, and a second Artifact reboot (though the first one never happened).

Image source: USPTO

The IGN portal notes that trademark registration does not necessarily mean a long wait for the product; The Quarry brand only appeared in February, and in June the game was released. However, the opposite situation is also possible.

Back in August, Valve product designer and communications specialist Greg Coomer noted that the studio has several games in development at the same time, with “a lot of people” involved in production.

Keep in mind that right now, Valve’s latest game continues to be March’s free interactive short Aperture Desk Job. And in March 2020, the company released the VR blockbuster Half-Life. Alyx:

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