Varal do Frio donates 322 coats and blanketsEnglish 

Varal do Frio donates 322 coats and blankets

The action promoted by IgesDF aimed to warm the homeless and people in socially vulnerable situations

36-year-old Robson Gomez arrived shyly at Brasland’s Emergency Department (UPA). He stopped in front of the clotheslines and watched the warm clothes being put on. “Do you have a coat for the adults?” he asked a co-author of the Saudi Federal Institute (IgesDF), who was still pulling out cold-weather clothes for babies.

Soon he began to look at the coats, chose a jacket and left excitedly, saying that he would warn more people. Robson was the first, but not the only one. As of 11:30, the 67 pieces and 49 blankets arranged at the entrance of that UPA had already been removed by several people.

“It’s fun. We know that UPA professionals already have many demands, but actions like this involve workers and contribute to the betterment of the economically disadvantaged,” said Mariela Souza de Jesus, president of IgesDF and in charge of the campaign.

Photo: Davidyson Damasceno / Ascom IgesDF

Maria Rosa, 54, had just been treated and was leaving UPA, but stopped and asked if she could take a piece to a homeless person near her home. InMet is showing a low of 11ºC in DF this week.

The campaign involved collecting donations for two weeks at IgesDF service units. In many cases, the boxes were empty as patients passed by and were already collecting the donations. “Although we thought of the operation this July 6, every person who took a coat has already collaborated with our goal of one less person catching a cold,” comments Nadya Regina, IgesDF’s UPA inspector.

For example, the UPA in Gama had a full storage box, but it was being emptied by patients on the ward. “We understand that at this time of the year people suffer from the cold of the streets. Therefore, we chose to run a decentralized operation in UPAs, contributing to people from different places in the DF,” explained Mariela Souza de Jesus.

Collections in UPAs and Hospitals
– Brazil: 120 pcs
– Ceilândia I: 34 pcs
– Ceilândia II: 41 pcs
– Paranoia: 11 pcs
– San Sebastian: 24 pcs
– Sobradinho: 16 pcs
– Vicente Pires: 67 pcs
– Santa Maria Regional Hospital: 17 units
– Base hospital: 50 pcs


According to the Brazilian agency

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