"Very critical situation": Farmers disappointed by the asparagus seasonEnglish 

“Very critical situation”: Farmers disappointed by the asparagus season

Renese asparagus growers complain that consumers are very reluctant to buy. “The situation in the company is very critical,” said Peter Muß, deputy managing director of the Rheinischer provincial fruit and vegetable farmers’ association, the German press agency. According to information from companies, the demand for asparagus is about 20 to 30 percent lower than a year ago. “Refrigerated warehouses are full, sales are not going as desired,” he explains. According to the association, asparagus is much cheaper than last year.

There are several possible reasons for consumers’ reluctance to buy. “Asparagus is still seen as a luxury product. “It is still anchored in the minds of many people,” explains Muß. This can be fatal for asparagus if consumers want to save due to high inflation and significantly higher energy costs.

Moreover, changed priorities may play a role as farm shops were very popular during the pandemic. “People are worried. After two years of hesitation, you finally want to be able to take a vacation again. “In a way, the wallet has to give up everything.”

“The worst Easter business in years”

The reluctance to buy is not only apparent to asparagus. “The situation is comparable to strawberries. This also applies to many types of vegetables in nature “, explained Muß. Farm stores, where the products are marketed directly, have felt this for weeks. “Many reported the worst Easter business in years,” Muß said.

Fruit and vegetable farmers are still concerned that not enough harvest aid is coming from Eastern Europe. The association had already announced that a number of Rhenish companies had received cancellations from harvest workers. Many of the harvest workers living near the border with Ukraine want to stay with their families.

According to the association, North Rhine-Westphalia is one of the largest asparagus growing areas in Germany after Brandenburg and Lower Saxony. Therefore, the cultivation area of ​​NRW was 4400 hectares in 2021. NRW is also a focus for strawberries – especially when growing strawberries in greenhouses and under polythene. At 3285 hectares, the cultivated area is slightly smaller than that of asparagus.


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Article “Very critical situation”: Farmers disappointed by asparagus season first appeared on the Ruhr Nachrichten.

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