Victor Janeiro and the emotional reunion with his sons after four months of separation

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After four months of participation in a nightmare in paradiseđŸ‡§đŸ‡· Victor January became the winner of the first edition of the competition. This victory is a great gift that came on the eve of Christmas, although the best reward for the torero is to enjoy it again with his extended family. Beatrice Trapote, her wife, was waiting proudly on the platĂł the night of the finale, while her children watched her on television. This jueves Victor (7), Oliver (4) and Brenda (1) at last he was reunited with his priest, where he had delivered some drawings which he had made with great love. Smiles and hugs weren’t supposed to happen in those magical moments. Want to see all the details of how this meeting went? Give it a play and you’ll find it.

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