Victoria from Marichalar flashed her best look at the Feria de Otoño de Madrid

One of the essential quotes of Victoria of Marichallar It’s afternoon in the fields. Infanta Elena’s child did not miss a competition in Las Ventas and even went to other cities to attend the matches of some of his favorite toreros, as was the case last September when traveled to Valladolid to see Roca Rey. That is why I did not want to miss the end of the Ottoño fair in the Spanish capital, which I put on my gold brooch on October 12, exactly with the 25-year-old Peruvian bullfighter and Francisco de Manuel projecting from the great puerta.

Victoria de Marichallar, stars in the fashion universe


Victoria de Marichallar enjoyed Roca Rey’s art the most, taking pictures and animating the torero, covering the eyes even on some occasion before the risk of the moment. After the race, a la que watched with his great friends Tomás Páramo and María García de Jaime, sobrina del rey Felipe reunites with the torero, with whom he posted a photo hours later. The child of the baby Elena and Jaime de Marichallar lució a precious scarf inspired by the Amazon brand, designed by Alejandra Peña Manosalbas, which he has trusted in other cases. by the way, the pieza master considers the intentions of don Juan Carlos to be the great ambassador of Spain and she appears bewitched when she lights her gifts.

From Victoria de Marichallar to Eugenia Silva: the parade invited to FASHION’s 10th anniversary fiesta

The last time Victoria de Marichallar was in the diaries was a month after she celebrated her 22 dates with friends. But the same weekend I was diagnosed with appendicitis and a small hernia, which is why I immediately intervened and had to leave him alone for a few days. Unembargoed I have a quick recovery because spend the last days of September in Paris to attend Fashion Week, another one of las citas a la que es fidel from hace unos años.


Victoria de Marichallar surprises with her riskiest look at Paris Fashion Week

Only a year ago, Victoria de Marichallar decided to open her social networks to the public, quickly becoming a one influencer that since then there has been nothing but growth. Since then, his style has also evolved, taking more risks in his styles and choosing gifts that are more and more special and original. We saw it at Paris Fashion Week or the Starlite Festivalfashion decisions that were little by little turned a la la la la hija by Jaime de Marichalar, who accompanies her in many of these fashion quotes, into a reference for Generation Z.

additional, Victoria de Marichalar received last October 6 for the Talento Fashion 2022 awardwhich awarded FASHION magazine on the occasion of its tenth anniversary to several famous people from the world of fashion, among them Evgenia Silva or Laura Corsini (CEO and Creative Director of Bimani).

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