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Video. Cities in Poland to bite into

HISTORY: It’s a mix of cocaine and winter wonderland. A Polish model railway company has created entire cities made of gingerbread this Christmas. Of course, only chocolate locomotives are allowed to run there. The sweet mini worlds of sugar were created in the real cities of Gliwice and Breslau in the south of the country, which also visually formed the background. And the churches, houses, castles and palaces of the completely recreated cities do not only look delicious, which is a kind of problem, says Jakub Paczynski, head of the Kolejkowo company. “Gingerbread City is edible. it has become the food of our guests, five to ten percent. We want to save about 60 percent for next year, and we will eat the remaining 30 percent ourselves.” Each city of honeycombs consumed more than 300 eggs, 800 pounds of sugar, and hundreds of pounds of honey and spices. Ten people dedicated three months to the project. And if you look carefully, you will see famous fantastic characters inspired by the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.


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