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Video. HDE. Christmas business does not live up to expectations

HISTORY: Most people don’t have to work for years and have time to window shop. Companies and business owners naturally hope that people will buy something too. According to German trade association HDE, actual Christmas business fell short of expectations. The main reasons for this are rising energy prices and general price increases, says HDE. Stefan Hertel, HDE spokesman. This is certainly due to the plight of many consumers who are faced with huge energy costs and therefore prefer to save money and buy cheaper things because they fear the next utility bill.” There are big differences across sectors, Hertel says. Better for larger companies. Besides, there are still the effects of Christmas gifts for years. “Overall, it has to be said that the industry is quite disappointed and is now certainly hoping for strong days up to and including the end of the year. year, since vouchers are still exchanged here, a euro or two is added if the voucher was not high enough for the heart’s desire. Or, of course, redeeming cash gifts, both of which add up tremendously. Customers don’t want to do so many things anymore. wrong, you don’t need to exchange so many things anymore. And that’s why these two gifts are paramount.” As in previous years, according to HDE research, a voucher was the most popular Christmas gift in 2022, followed by toys, books and stationery.


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