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Video: Scholz. “Confidence We Can Use Right Now”

HISTORY: Note: This post will be sent to you without telling you. “During the darkest time of the year, we light candles, they represent confidence that light will overcome darkness, that darkness will also bring brighter days. The Shoah was the dark time. With the survivors of the Shoah, we remember the immeasurable suffering. and the millions of victims of the breakdown of civilization for which the Germans are responsible. We remember it with deep sadness and shame. But the strength with which you survivors made your way, the strength with which you keep the memory alive and carry on. it continues, which excites and impresses many of us. It gives us confidence, confidence that we could really use these days. Russia’s bombing and missile attacks threaten the lives and freedom of Ukrainians. Holocaust survivors are also threatened. It’s terrifying. We are humbled that some of them are now finding refuge in Germany. We are grateful to all who support them, schools, welcome. Create Nazi classrooms to give Ukrainian children and youth a better future in the communities that have welcomed them. These are all lights of confidence. The darker the night, the brighter they shine. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you, your friends and family all the best for Hanukkah.”


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