Viih Tube reveals he was sexually abused as a teenager and it took a while for it to sink in

The former BBB and influencer revealed that she had been blaming herself for a long time and that it only came true after she

Viih Tube’s participation in “PodSempre” is more than special and a reminder for my readers. The former BBB revealed that she was sexually abused as a teenager and that she only came to terms with it after the fact. Musa also states that it took a year to understand the violence and blamed himself for what happened.

“I realized I wasn’t wrong because when I told my mom, her reaction confirmed that I was right. But speaking to mom, we think it’s the lion’s side, the side that wants to protect itself. So even though my mother said all that, it was not enough for me to think that I did not make a mistake,” he said.

Viih Tube also emphasizes the importance of therapy in these moments. “It was enough, besides therapy, I had another friend, and when I told him the story, he began to open my head, wondering if the situation was with him, and I thought he would react,” he remarked. .

“At that moment I didn’t have that strength, and when I wanted to, I thought it was too late. And it’s not too late. It will never be too late. You can report it anytime you want.

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