Vinted and OLX users – watch out for a new scam!

Scams on sales portals like OLX or Vinted are nothing new. Surely you have often heard about someone’s money disappearing from the account after, for example, having to “pay the courier extra”. Now another threat awaits users, showing that the cheekiness of online thieves knows no bounds.

OLX and Vinted users, double charm?

This time, the virtual thieves have made it their goal not so much to get new victims, but an attempt to similarly deceive the same people it has already been successful with on OLX and Vinted. Cybercriminals’ new path is mainly based on the fact that many people who have been victims of a theft are very determined and often desperate to get their money back. These are the people who look for criminals.

This is another SMS scam. A few days ago we informed you about a new scam targeting a group of people using Revolut. As with many other phishing attacks, criminals attempt to pose as a genuine service in order to confuse potential victims.

It is no different with compensation fraud. This time, potential victims receive text messages that read: “Get compensation from the state after the actions of scammers: LINK.

Phishing website created by scammers. (Source: niebezpiecznik)

How does it work?

After receiving such an SMS, if the user clicks on the link in the message, he will be redirected to a website imitating government websites in the domain. Initially, the victim is asked to enter their first and last name and select their bank from the list.

After completing this step, the unsuspecting user will be redirected to the fake bank website of their choice. In this step, cyber criminals aim to extort as much personal information as possible from the victim. Therefore The designed website asks for the login and password for logging into the banking application, as well as the PESEL number and mother’s maiden name.

This information is used by scammers along with phishing authorization codes rob the victim again. The whole case was reported by the portal Niebezpiecznik. If you have someone among your friends who has been scammed before, be sure to let them know about the scammers’ new ways.

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