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Violence Queen returns to form as Ariane Lipski cruises past JJ Aldrich.

Ariane Lipski and JJ Aldrich, UFC Las Vegas Weigh inCredit: Youtube/UFC

“Queen of Violence” Ariane Lipski returns to the women’s flyweight division at UFC Las Vegas, where she pairs against American JJ Aldrich.

Lipski from Brazil is back at 125 pounds after failing to compete in the bantamweight division. She lost to Priscilla Cachoera, while Aldrich was defeated by a surging Erin Blanchfield.

Lipsky acts early in the open frame, blending within thirty seconds. She kept moving, circled outside, and responded with another combination as Aldrich lunged forward with a jab. In a clinch, Lipski crouched down and fired one from the break.

Aldrich then elected to pursue with about two minutes remaining in the round. But Lipski, who won this round on his feet, Another last-minute takedown was also stuffed in. And again Lipsky shoots a knee in the ensuing hug.

At the end of the round, Lipski tagged Aldrich by putting her on heel as the horn sounded seconds later.

The second round kicked off with a leg kick from Lipsky. circular Using her jab and kicking again, Aldrich finally got the combo. But she still couldn’t hit when Lipski went to the torso, then back up. Mix up her selection of shots. About two minutes Lipski went upstairs with a missed kick — but that undoubtedly made Aldrich take notice. After that, Lipsky kicked him in the face; Short, and Aldrich responded with her jab.

together The two fights also traded off, but it was the “Violence Queen” who landed the most crucial final attack. As if on cue, Aldrich fired for a takedown as opposed to shoving. A combination by Lipski was followed by another high kick, Aldrich firing another takedown to no avail. Bad fights and superior weapons Wrestling wasn’t there for JJ Aldrich throughout the first two rounds.

The third round was almost certain that Ariane Lipski was on the scorecard, giving Aldrich the finishing touches. Because she didn’t have an answer for the Brazilian who stood there for ten minutes. And unable to stop the fight, Aldrich pressed forward in her corner, but Lipski controlled the distance and won the exchange as they combined.

Aldrich finally caught her hand in a takedown attempt with two minutes remaining. Lipsky had to kneel — but she couldn’t. Instead, she pushed Lipsky over the fence. Shoot well-placed knees to the head as they battle for title. But Lipsky broke off the fence, retreated, and briefly caught Aldrich in the cage. They split up, giving Aldrich 30 seconds or more to make something happen. She couldn’t, and Lipsky sailed toward a much-needed judgment punctuated by a devastating final blow at the horn.

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Ariane Lipski def. JJ Aldrich Unanimous (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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