Virtual reality glasses for your mobile: everything you need to know

virtual reality This is something that, while not particularly new, continues to generate a lot of interest among people, especially those who like video games. Although there are many ways to take advantage of this experience. Today we will talk about virtual reality glasses for your mobile.

Although the experience on computers and video game consoles is still the most preferred, virtual reality for smartphones is gaining more and more presence every day. Naturally, if you have doubts about this topic, we will try to clarify it.

How do virtual reality glasses work on your phone?

Virtual reality is not something new, it has been for several years an experience that we can already enjoy in various electronic devices. While it is true that one of the most affordable options is one designed for smartphones.

How to use it is not difficult, just need to put our cellphones in it. Eyeglass lenses will do all the work, because they are designed to achieve the effect of depth and realism in the image or video that we are viewing. The experience was unquestionably amazing and a lot of fun.Virtual reality glasses for your phone

Of course, There needs to be compatibility between our smartphones and the glasses we use. To enjoy this function, we have to download applications or games prepared for virtual reality.

What aspects should you consider when choosing virtual reality glasses for your phone?

When making a purchase of a model of virtual reality glasses, or other technology product we can indulge ourselves to explore various options and be selective. This fact is provided thanks to the wide variety of offers on the market, which provide us the possibility of finding what you need and what meets our expectations.


This point is very important, you must make sure before making a purchase that the product you are buying is compatible with your smartphone model. Otherwise, they will not function properly. and unfortunately you will invest your money in vain.

For this we recommend it find out if your mobile device size and software are compatible with the model of virtual reality glasses you are interested in.

Additional accessories

Many of these devices come bundled with other accessories which greatly enhance the experience and make it great.. We recommend that you choose the one that comes with the headphones and remote control. These items will make your experience that much more satisfying.

Quality and convenience

Of course, something as relevant as this should always be taken into account. Value for money is very importantIt’s useless to invest in expensive products that are actually not that good.

We suggest it always choose virtual reality glasses that fit well, can change the width make it wider or narrower. Consider the material from which it is made, elastic is best. Material it shouldn’t be too hard, if so it should at least be soft.

Affordable prices

There are fantastic virtual reality glasses for your phone, although the prices can be quite high. If this is the first time you are going to try this product, our recommendation is that you start with some of the most affordable prices. If experience convinces you, then you can push yourself to make bigger investments.

How to take advantage of your virtual reality glasses for mobile?virtual reality

There are many choices that we have to get from this virtual reality experience. In Play store there are a large number of applications that are compatible with your virtual reality glasses. The most popular use is in video games, where you practically become part of the interface and the setting in which it takes place.

There are also other applications for watching videos, movies and much more. Apps and options cover all tastesYou just need to explore it according to your preference.

Is it dangerous to use virtual reality glasses on your phone?

Everything in excess is bad, this expression has a lot to do with the use of virtual reality glasses. The joy and experience this can give is so addicting, but this prolonged use can make us tired and dizzy. This is related to the operation of the glasses, because our brain has to analyze two images at once. It can cause these types of unwanted effects.It is dangerous to use virtual reality glasses

The screen will be at a very small distance from our eyes, hence their constant attempts to focus on what we see leads eye fatigue, headaches, and long-term use can even cause a decrease in our visual acuity.

Lastly and very importantly, when using it, we recommend that you choose a closed, spacious and free from objects that could cause accident or injury. It’s very common that while using it you become so involved in the experience that you forget it’s not real.

What models do we recommend?

VR Box

VR Box This is one of the cheapest deals available, but still They offer a good experience. We recommend these glasses if you want to first test how much you like the device before making a more expensive purchase.

The protector is made of polycarbonate and plastic. Your smartphone size must be greater than 4.7 inches, and less than 6 inches. This is important, if they don’t fit, you won’t be able to fit them. Besides that It has an adjustable elastic strap.

Glasses by APKLVSR

Glasses by APKLVSR Pretty good model, though still accessible. If what you’re looking for is a good experience in virtual reality, this is an option to consider. Headphones are included, as well as a remote control along with glasses.

All this stuff good quality and fully adjustable, which will be quite comfortable to wear. Keep in mind that your smartphone should be between 4.7 and 6.4 inches in size.

We hope this article was useful to you. guide, to acquire basic knowledge about virtual reality glasses for your mobile. Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried this device, and what other models you recommend. we read you

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