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Vitor Petrino defeated Anton Turkalj in a chaotic decision win.

Vitor Petrino and Anton Turkalj UFC Las Vegas Weigh-In Credit: Youtube/UFC

Lightweight Vitor Petrino and Anton Turkalj both won to go undefeated in this match. Dana White’s Rival Series Fighting in 2022, but Petrino was originally contracted for a knockout win and Tukalj didn’t make the decision.

However, Swede Turkalj briefly fought heavyweight Jailton Almeida, which gave him a knock. Second UFC fight with Petrino

The pair danced and clashed on their feet fast until a lockdown knocked Petrino down in the top half of the guard. Turkalj was able to rush and use the fence to get to his feet still stuck in the cage. Turkalj was able to bring him down, but Vitor jumped. come up immediately The couple continued to turn around in a hug. deals minor damage before splitting up halfway through the round often when the two collide Both of them rushed forward with an attack until their bodies collided and they collided.

With just over a minute left, Petrino opened with a flurry of hooks in the bag and severely injured Turkalj. The Swede felt his back, but then Petrino attacked with a kick-up. Petrino recovered and had maximum control. Use it to punch your body when the lift is over.

Turkalj opened the second round with a failed takedown. Turkalj then devours another monster hook in the bag from the wild Petrino attacking Anton. He fails to overthrow again before Petrino falls, but instead he gets up and works to overthrow Turkalj, grabbing the lock in the back and dragging Petrino. Down several times before hooking both hooks in. However, once he was forced to the ground, Petrino was able to roll through and ended up in full cover. made it possible to escape from a terrifying position

Petrino attempted to back off while Turkalj stood up, but he couldn’t, instead knocking him to the mat halfway through the round, Turkalj got back up and locked on his body again. He tried to get it back and eventually did it with two minutes remaining, however, Petrino did the same as last time and spun to finish top. At that point, Petrino was breathing heavily and had expended a lot of energy. Turkalj then attacked his opponent with strikes and takedowns. but unable to land A missed turn elbow from Turkalj ends the round.

The final round started with a scorecard up in the air after round two. Early on, Turkalj again tried to get to the back lock and hook up again. This time Petrino was unable to turn towards him before Turkalj locked into the triangle. However, Petrino was able to transform into it with incredible flexibility. From there, Turkalj went over the fence to escape, but Petrino held him back. He had a bare, unhooked rear choke, and Turkalj swiveled towards him to climb again.

Turkalj once again uses the rear lock to secure the back. But this time, switch to seize and go back to seize the back. Vitor tried to split his arms so he could spin towards him. And he can do that. Finishing the top half with two minutes remaining, Turkalj was able to pry it up, but Petrino brought him down twice more. With one minute remaining, he narrowly returned to his standing. Both men fired powerful shots. Turkalj rose and took his back. But with thirty seconds remaining he had to act quickly. Petrino turned him around and delivered a devastating takedown with ten seconds remaining. He finished the race standing above the overfishing Swede.

The decision is uncertain. But Brazilian Vitor Petrino appeared to have won most of the fight when Joe Martinez read the referee’s scorecard. That idea was confirmed when three judges gave him a complete three rounds. With one referee rating him 10-8 rounds, Petrino earned a hard-fought victory in his UFC debut and remains undefeated, advancing to 8-0 as a pro.

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Vitor Petrino def. Anton Turkalj via unanimous vote (30-26, 30-27, 30-27).

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