VITÓRIA. LULA hits the hammer, confirms the value of Cooking Gas and the Brazilians who will get it for free

Vale-Gás beneficiaries can now celebrate as the Federal Government has already released the next payment schedule. The next benefit distribution will take place in April using the two-month transfer methodology.

According to the Federal Government, in April, about 5.6 million low-income families in the program received a share of 112 roubles to help buy cooking gas.

See who is being paid, the amount and dates of the next payment.

Who can receive benefits?

See below for the requirements to be part of Vale-Gas:

  • Be registered in the Unified Register of Social Programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico) and have a monthly family income less than or equal to half of the minimum wage per capita.
  • Families living in the same household and receiving BPC (Continuing Benefit) from social assistance.
  • Persons with disabilities or persons aged 65 or older who prove that they do not have the means to support their families;
  • Families with women who are victims of domestic violence and are under emergency protection measures monitoring.

However, it should be remembered that the scope of the project is limited, therefore, some priority rules were published, namely:

  • Families with updated CadÚnico registration within the last two years;
  • Lower income families;
  • Families with the most members;
  • Families covered by Brazilian aid;
  • Households registered by the manager using information obtained from the examination (if available).

What is the value of the benefit?

The amount paid to beneficiaries is determined based on a monthly survey conducted by the ANP (National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels). Thus, this year the allowance should correspond to 100% of the average republican price of a 13-kilogram bottle.

Remembering that traditionally the aid payment corresponds to 50% of the republican average price of the product. It turns out that President Lula has decided to extend the decision of former President Bolsonaro and to maintain the value of the extended benefit, that is, the integral part of the price.

The next Vale-Gas schedule

Check the gas subsidy payment dates for the month of April below.

  • NIS completion 1: April 14;
  • NIS completion 2: April 17;
  • NIS completion 3: April 18;
  • NIS completion 4: April 19;
  • NIS completion 5. April 20;
  • NIS completion 6. April 24;
  • NIS completion 7: April 25;
  • NIS completion 8. April 26;
  • NIS completion 9. April 27;
  • NIS ends with 0. April 28

How to check the allowance?

Consultation can be done with CPF number through the following platforms:

  • Caixa Tem app (available for Android and iOS);
  • Caixa Assistance – phone 111;
  • Ministry of Citizenship – phone number 121.
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