VITÓRIA. The week starts with a BIG GIVEAWAY for those who have an official contract

Caixa Econômica Federal has issued FGTS withdrawal for a new group of Brazilian workers. Available values ​​can reach more than R$ 6 thousand.

Guarantee fund money can be released by Caixa in several different situations. Next, check which group of workers will already be able to withdraw up to R$ 6.2 thousand.

FGTS withdrawal is now available for employees

On March 7, Caixa announced the payment of part of the outstanding balance in the workers’ FGTS. Linjares (ES) It is Bertioga (SP).

The release was due to the state of public disaster due to heavy rains in the communities.

In this way, the resources in the FGTS accounts of workers in these cities were freed up to provide to the victims.

Heavy rains fell on the last weekend of the carnival and already 60 victims and more than 2 thousand people are homeless.

Therefore, the withdrawal of FGTS can help meet the emergency expenses of these families.

Withdrawal request is now available for beneficiaries. Employees of Linhares municipality can apply until s March 21.

For Bertioga employees, the deadline goes to s May 21.

It should be noted that in order to be eligible to leave, an employee must reside in one of the communities where Civil Defense has declared a state of public disaster.

How to remove?

The payment can be made entirely online, without the need to go to a bank branch and stand in queues.

Check below for complete step-by-step survey.

  1. First, you need to download FGTS app On your mobile phone;
  2. Then login or register if this is your first login.
  3. Then select the option “My Withdrawals”;
  4. Click now “Other Removal Situations”;
  5. Next, select the option “Social disaster”.;
  6. Now it will be necessary to inform the municipality of your residence and send the required documents.
  7. Finally, you can choose to receive in a Caixa account or in another bank.

If the withdrawal is approved, the amount will be deposited into the informed account within 5 working days. So you can get out within 60 days.

robbery disaster

Oh robbery disaster It is an accessible way for an employee to access FGTS resources.

So affordable values ​​can help when they need it.

Currently, 56 municipalities in 9 states of Brazil have been evacuated from the disaster.

In order to benefit from the cancellation of the FGTS regime, it is necessary for the municipality to be accommodated in some of the situations below:

  • Hurricanes, storms, hurricanes, typhoons or cyclones;
  • Coastal flooding caused by marine intrusion.
  • hailstorm;
  • Floods, floods or floods;
  • Tornadoes and floods;
  • Flood.

FGTS (Service Length Guarantee Fund)

Oh FGTS: is the Disruption Compensation Fund and every official employee is entitled to this benefit.

In summary, every time you are hired by a company, the contractor must open a Guarantee fund for you.

Therefore, you have to make monthly payments. In addition, a small percentage will be deducted from your monthly salary to cover these costs.

However, this is a security for every employee. This is due to the fact that deposits guarantee greater financial security for him and his family at specific times, for example, in case of losing a job.

There are other ways to have besides disaster loot direct access to FGTS account funds is carried out in the following ways:

  • Termination Withdrawal. in case of dismissal without just cause, the employee has the right to receive the entire amount of his account from the Guarantee Fund;
  • Birthday withdrawal. a termination withdrawal option whereby the employee can withdraw a certain amount each year in their month of birth;
  • Retirement. it is possible to receive the full amount available at retirement;
  • Serious illness. if the employee or one of his dependents is seriously ill;

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