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Vivo starts offering 5G in Brasilia for all compatible mobile phones

Vivo’s new coverage for 5G devices arrived first in Brasília. Find out why the city was the first to implement the service

MyCrushLive Mobiles

MyCrushLive Mobiles

Vivo is the newest operator to offer 5G to its customers, the operator announced yesterday, Wednesday 6, that the fastest mobile internet is currently operational in Brasília. With this the company begins to be part of the team of national operators that offer the service in Brazil.

Vivo’s 5G speed arrived in Brasilia first

Vivo announced the new 5G connectivity to all 2.5 million customers who have a compatible mobile phone. The connection can vary between 3.5 GHz and 2.3 GHz, it all depends on the compatibility of the user’s mobile.

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In theory, all smartphones with the new Vivo chip should be able to use the new carrier-provided frequency. If users encounter problems or remain on the old 4G connection, it will be necessary to change the chip to adapt to the new speed that the operator will offer.

But because Brasília you have to wonder, Vivo answers in an image, detailing the coverage area of ​​the state. The new technology will facilitate the implementation of the connection in all cities and soon throughout Brazil.

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Vivo decided to launch coverage in Brasília, since the city has a larger number of antennas already adapted to the new speeds, but we should find the connection in other capitals in the future. (Image/playback: Live)

However, mobile phones compatible with standalone 5G connectivity will be able to benefit from lower connection latency. Devices that don’t support a lower-latency connection will still be able to use 5G, but in its NSA version, which bears a very close resemblance to current 4G.

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The innovation should not affect the packages already offered by the operator, even if you decide on lower delays with the operator. Competitors that already offer 5G charge a different price than conventional plans. TIM, for example, is currently charging R$ 20 per month when you contract the 50 GB package, but they are free for the first year.

On the other hand, Claro also charges for the use of the service, but to join the 5G SA connection, customers must buy the operator’s monthly plan, which currently costs R$149.99 per month.

We have to wait to know how the 5G of the operator Vivo will be in Brasília, but we expect that there will be some difficulties in connecting to the signal, precisely because it is something relatively new in the region.

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