Waak. The world knows from today that Brazil is a republic

As of today, the world is officially aware that Brazil is a republic that elects its political leaders with fake ballot boxes. And he insists on this vile practice.

Ambassadors of dozens of countries were officially informed today that the main authorities of the judiciary are cooperating with frauds and that the risk of political instability in the next elections is serious.

The President of the Republic has taken it upon himself to condemn the Brazilian electoral system to the rest of the world.

Jair Bolsonaro used the Palácio da Alvorada, TV Brasil and invited some of his ministers to the pre-election platform. He used false data and already debunked hypotheses to attack the higher courts and also his main political opponent.

Nothing Bolsonaro said is new, but today it became the first time in modern times that a representative, head of government and state called out the rest of the world to tarnish his own country’s image.

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