Was there a storm or storm? You are obliged to perform a home inspection. Many people do not know about it and are punished

A severe thunderstorm or storm can damage your home in many ways, including: breaking the roof or damaging electrical wiring. Therefore, the law requires building owners to conduct ad hoc inspections to verify that the facility is still safe for use. There are penalties for non-compliance.


Most of us know that buildings are subject to periodic inspections from time to time, during which the technical condition of the building and its installations is checked. However, few people are aware that apart from occasional inspections the building owner or manager must also conduct ad hoc inspections. They should be ordered every time there are circumstances that threaten the safe use of the facility – for example, a flood or fire, but also strong wind or a severe storm.

– I remind you that (…) owners and managers of construction facilities are obliged, in accordance with the provisions of Art. 61 point 2 of the Law on Construction, to ensure, with due care, the safe use of the building in case of external factors affecting the building, related to human activity or forces of nature – says Dorota Cabańska, chief inspector of construction supervision.

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