“Watched ‘Emancipation’ Just to See Him Whipped,” Will Smith’s Chris Rock Says

The comedian is back to talking about the actor on his show and hasn’t stopped talking about how he feels after the Oscars.

We all know that Will Smith and Chris Rock were the talk of the internet because of the slap the actor gave the comedians at the Oscars. Chris came back to talk about Will and shocked the internet by saying that he watched the movie where Smith lives as a slave and watched just to see him get whipped. hey

According to The New York Post, he said: “I’ve rooted for Will Smith my whole life, but I watched Emancipation the other day just to see him get whipped.

In addition, he still draws attention to Smith’s size and build. “Will Smith is a big guy. It’s not me. He is shirtless in his films. If you see me in a movie doing open heart surgery, I’ll be wearing a sweater.”

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