Water fun in the Lahn, Saar and Westerwald lake district

Discover the natural beauty of the Rhineland-Palatinate. From idyllic river landscapes to forested plains, our neighboring federal state has a lot to offer.

Many water activities in Rhineland-Palatinate invite you to cool off in the water when the temperature is warm. The Westerwald Lake District attracts with swimming opportunities, boat rentals and an adventure playground for a trip for the whole family.

If you want to walk on water, you can explore the idyllic landscapes of the Lahn and Saar rivers by canoe, kayak or SUP and master this or that sporting challenge.

Lake to lake in the Westerwald

Swimming, rowing, pedal boating. The ponds in the Westerwald Lake district have a lot to offer for water lovers. © Rhineland-Palatinate Tourism GmbH

The Westerwald Lake District is one of the most scenic areas of the Westerwald. Seven ponds enrich the wooded landscape there. The largest of these, Dreifelder Weiher, Hoffmannsweiher and Heidenweiher, near Dreifelden, are located in the north.

The southern group of water bodies is formed by the Brinken and Hausweiher ponds near Steinen and the Postweiher near Freilingen, while the Wolferlinger Weiher is located in the east. Flat coastal zones, reedbeds, grassy meadows and adjacent swamp forests are ideal retreats for 256 bird species.

From the largest of the lakes, the Dreifelder Weiher, a 20.4-kilometer cycle path leads to the neighboring Brinkenweiher and Postweiher, with a miniature golf course and lido, as well as an adventure playground with a barbecue area near Steinen-Dreifelden.

Crossing the Hoffmannsweiher, you return to the starting point at the inviting Haus am See, where you can relax on the terrace with a view of the lake, swim in the pond or go on a boat trip.

Valves and water slides on the Lahn

The Lan and its shores can be explored from a different perspective by pedal boat. © Rhineland-Palatinate Tourism GmbH

The Lahn is one of Germany’s most popular rivers for canoeing and kayaking. Rapids, locks and water slides offer you 160 kilometers of varied river fun along the meadow landscape, forest and steep slopes of the Westerwald.

Meadow landscapes are replaced by sights of the Limburg Cathedral, the Orange City of Diez and the resort architecture of Bad Ems. Clearly visible green information boards mark entry and exit points or rest areas specifically designated for water rafters.

From Limburg, the journey leads through an automatic lock into the Limburg Basin and past Oranienstein Castle to Diez, the Count’s Castle, the ancestral seat of the Orangemen.

From Diez, the tranquil Lann winds its way through wide winding wooded slopes to the idyllic village of Baldwinstein, with picnic areas. A particularly beautiful tour leads from Obernhof, where the rare Lahn wine matures, via Nassau to the spa town of Bad Ems. Shortly after Obernhof you can see the Arnstein monastery on the hill and a few bends in the Langenau river castle with its camp.

This tour includes Nassau Castle, the medieval city wall of Dauzenau, and the resort architecture of Bad Ems, as well as nature experiences and cultural attractions.

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Water experiences in the Rhineland-Palatinate

Through original landscapes on the Saar

A canoe trip on the Saar promises an active enjoyment of nature that guarantees just the right momentum with the lively rapids of the Wiltinger Saarbogen. At the water sports center in Schoden, you can rent boats and explore the scenic beauty of the Saar Valley from the water.

After a brief introduction to SUP, we head out on the water and enjoy the wonderful views of the vineyard terraces. © Rhineland-Palatinate Tourism GmbH

The most beautiful part is the Wiltinger Saarbogen between Schoden and the Kanzem lock, because there the Saar landscape of the reserve is very original. The path is flanked by fields of water lilies and reed bushes, with common frogs croaking, dragonflies dancing through the air, and gray reeds rooted to the ground in shallow water.

With a good sense of balance, a paddling tour is a special experience and good for your fitness. You can rent a board on the spot and you can also take a beginner’s course.

More information at www.tourenplaner-rheinland-pfalz.de and www.rlp-tourismus.de.

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