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Water sports. Sailor Beucke takes part in the prestigious Ocean Race

water sports
Sailor Beucke starts in the prestigious Ocean Race

With her boss Tina Lutz, Susan “Sunny” Beke (left) won the 2021 Olympic silver at the 49erFX event in Japan. photo:

© Gregorio Borgia/AP/dpa

Susanne Becke will compete in the 14th edition of the Ocean Race as the only German sailor. Strande, 31, has signed a contract with Swiss team Holcim-PRB.

Sailor Susan Beke is set to make her debut in the world’s most famous team race. A year after making the switch from the Olympics to sailing, the Tokyo silver medalist has signed with the Swiss racing team Holcim-PRB and has appeared on the Ocean Race team. Holcim-PRB announced its selection for the prestigious sailing regatta via Twitter on Tuesday. The race will start on January 15 with the first round in Alicante, Spain.

“It’s a dream come true for me,” said 31-year-old Strande, recalling the German’s first and only ocean race win at Ilbrook in 2001/2002. “I accompanied him on the water with my family. There were 300,000 people there at that time, it was incredible,” Beke said. “I was nine years old. Since then I have dreamed of sailing in an ocean race myself. Now it is about to start. That sounds fantastic.”

In addition to Beucke, Holcim PRB skipper Kevin Escoffier has signed experienced three-time tourer Abbie Ehler of Great Britain. The Imoca-type yachts, which are starting for the first time in the race around the world, will sail in teams of four. At least one staff member must be a woman. Men and women in all teams will rotate through seven rounds. The fleet of five Imocas, small in transition to new boats, will begin the sea marathon on January 15, some 60,000 kilometers from Alicante.

Becke is the only, but not the first, German sailor in the 50-year history of the ocean race. Gisela Bank and Anke Schulz were crew members in the 1981/1982 ocean race, then called the Whitbread Round the World. Race”. In “Walrus 3”. Akademischer Segler-Verein Berlin sailors completed the fourth leg from Mar del Plata, Argentina across the Atlantic Ocean to Portsmouth, UK.

The Ocean Race 2023 Tweet Holim-PRB


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