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Watercress is considered the healthiest plant in the world, surpassing even tomatoes. What is its power?

The healthiest plant in the world should appear on your plates. We explain exactly what it is, as well as how you can eat it and what dishes you add it to.

Chicken pox scientists welcomed the healthiest plant in the world. Its wonderful properties have been known for a long time, but despite this, few people in Poland know about it. This must definitely change. Apart from its health benefits, it is also great addition to various dishesincluding pasta dishes. Can also be used as a spice

Why is watercress such a special vegetable?

Watercress contains vitamin C in its composition, so it helps the immune system work properly. It also participates in the production of collagen, which is necessary for the proper functioning of blood vessels, as well as skin, bones and gums.

It is also rich in vitamin A, helps maintain vision, as well as iron metabolism. It contains more potassium than tomatoes, plus:

  • has anti-cancer properties
  • cleanses the blood of toxins,
  • destroys viruses, fungi and bacteria,
  • brightens skin discolorations,
  • reduces stress.

Why add flood?

You can add watercress to sandwiches, for example. It’s also great for fruit and vegetable smoothies. You can use it to make pesto and also as an addition to meat dishes. It’s also perfect as a variety on toast or casseroles.

This plant also goes well with scrambled eggs and omelets, thanks to which they will get a new expression and become more fragrant. You can combine it with vegetable cakes and fish dishes.

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