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“We are in the second round,” Marcio France said of Datafolia

Reproduction / YouTube / National PSB 40:

“For a month now, they have been saying every day that I am no longer a candidate, I will not be a candidate. Datafolha came out again,: we are in the second round. This Marcio France is difficult, isn’t it? ”said the former governor of Sao Paulo in the video.

In fact, France is in second place in one of the scenarios surveyed by Datafolha – 16%, Fernando Haddad (PT) has 28%, Tarcio de Freitas (Republicans) – 12%, and Rodrigo Garcia – the current governor (PSDB) – has 10%.

In the case of the scenario without the former governor, Haddad gets 34%, and Tarcisio և Garcia is in the second place (both – 13%).

PT members are urging France to withdraw its candidacy for the Palacio dos Bandeirantes, to run for the Senate on a Hadad ticket, under an agreement similar to that of Lula Geraldo Alcmin (now in PSB) for the presidency.

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