Datena announces withdrawal from pre-candidate for Senate: 'I will be with my audience'Entertainment 

“We need senators who vote to blame STF ministers,” says Marco Antônio after Datena’s departure.

Commentators on Jovem Pan’s 3-in-1 program reflect on the withdrawal of the presenter from the pre-candidacy

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Datena relinquishes his candidacy for senator for the state of São Paulo

TV presenter, Jose Luiz Datena (PSC)announced, this Thursday afternoon, 30, the withdrawal of pre-candidacy for Federal Senate. On May 13, he announced that he would run for office. President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) had even announced that he would support the candidacy of the presenter. This is the fourth time that Datena has “tested” and given up running in the election. The topic was the subject of the program 3 in 1give New panthis Thursday, 30.

to the commentator Marco Antonio CostaThe Federal Senate should be composed of politicians who defend the obstruction of ministers Federal Supreme Court (STF). “My question and I hope that all Brazilians is also: do you need senators who vote to blame STF ministers. Many people think that this agenda is not relevant. But it is a proper brake operation against the counterweight system. Every day we broadcast and criticize the abuses committed by the ministers. “I hope it will be based on the debate in the Senate,” he commented.

Watch the entire 3 in 1 program of Jovem Pan, this Thursday, at 30:

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