“We will have adapted vaccines”

The Federal Minister of Health answered questions about the national corona policy on the “Tagesschau” channel on YouTube. Vaccines adapted to the omicron variant are said to be coming soon.

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) recently warned again against underestimating or accepting corona infections in the current summer wave. Lauterbach told the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger that it was not confirmed that you would become infected and then be permanently immune. Instead, it is very easy to get infected with the current variant of the BA.5 virus, even if you were infected with the previous variant BA.2.

On Friday, among other things, the SPD politician answered questions from ARD users on the national corona policy on the “Tagesschau” YouTube channel, which were previously collected on the “Report from Berlin” accounts.

Lauterbach on…

…vaccines adapted for Omicron:

“Adapted vaccines are being delayed. But the good news is that they are coming. I am in direct contact with the companies. Moderna and Biontech in particular play the decisive role here. I visited the Moderna factory near Boston and am in close contact with the head of research. In September we will have adapted vaccines. What these vaccines can do compared to the current one: You significantly reduce the risk of infection in the first place.”

…School closings:

“I’m not one to spill things because we’re still negotiating. Negotiations will be completed soon, followed by the Law on Protection from Infection. I have always stood by this, but here I am making an exception: there will no longer be any option to close schools.”

…fourth vaccination for all:

“I said in a senior interview with Spiegel that it might make sense even for under-60s to consider a fourth vaccination if you have a lot of contact, for example if I work in a bar or am employed in Berghae. There are many who have so many risks that there is no alternative to infection. I have never recommended a fourth vaccine for anyone under the age of 60. This was an escalation in some parts of the media. With my recommendation, I am not so far from Mr. Mertens (Head of the Standing Committee on Vaccination, ed.)”.

…a vaccine for children under five:

“We cannot say exactly when European regulatory authorities will approve the vaccine for very young children. I hope this happens soon because the data is very good. There is no guarantee that the booster for slightly older children is absolutely necessary.”


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