“We will only know if it was a fraud or not by the CPI”, says MP André Fufuca about the hole in the Americans

In an interview with Jornal da Manhã, from Jovem Pan News, the parliamentarian said that he already has enough signatures to open a parliamentary commission of inquiry to investigate the case of the retail giant.

KEVIN DAVID/A7 PRESS/ESTADÃO CONTENTSPedestrians cross the sidewalk in front of Loja Americanas
The facade of the stores of the American Express chain, in São Paulo; The retail giant entered receivership after reporting debts totaling more than $43 billion

Application for opening Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) to investigate the accounting discrepancies of American stores and also its shareholders exceeded the minimum of 171 signatures required for its installation. To talk about the possible formation of the college, which has been called CPI das Americanas, Jornal da Manhã, by News of New Paninterviewed the leader of the Progressives in the House, federal MP Andre Fufuca (PP-MA). For him, the CPI is an important body to investigate the irregularities of the retail giant and to prevent such cases from repeating: “It is important that we are aware if this fraud or deviation, which we will we only know if it was a hoax or not. from the CPI, it exists only in one society (…) We will know all this only with the legal instruments that the CPI can provide for clarifying this act. It is extremely important not only to judge the past, but also for future actions, because no one invests in something that lacks trust, much less transparency.”

“Since the beginning of this year, we have talked a lot about the preservation of institutions. Preservation of democratic institutions, the Legislature, the Judiciary and the Executive. I have, in my understanding, that the Brazilian stock market is also an institution of national capitalism. An institution that deserves credibility, transparency and above all trust from those who invest in it. It is not correct that we have a company that is said to be consolidated, that hundreds of thousands of people have invested in it, today we are talking about more than 130 thousand CPF that are already part of the company’s share base, a company that half of the shares of it are assigned to small shareholders and, overnight, present an accounting division in the order of R$ 20 billion. Today, we know that the debts alone already reach almost 50 billion dollars”, he argued.

For the congressman from Maranhão, it is important to note that the failure of the Americans has directly affected thousands of people and that holding the guilty accountable is essential: “Just to get an idea, we are talking today about 5,869, between small and micro. – Entrepreneurs who are at risk of bankruptcy. The provision made by them has simply not been paid and they today find themselves with one hand in front and the other behind. We are talking today about more than 15 thousand street creditors. We must have this perspective that the Americana case is much broader, because it affects the small and the large. It is important that we have this sensitivity in driving, especially to those who need it most so that what happened in the past does not happen, in which cases like this will be forgotten and minors will be harmed even more” . The parliamentarian also revealed the questions he intends to ask if the CPI is to be opened.

“There are some questions that need to be asked. For example, from August to October 2022, the directors of the company Americanas sold shares and profited more than almost R$ 300 million. Was there privileged information or not? The CPI will respond to this (…) Those who were diagnosed as the real causes of the problem, the CPI will certainly approve the legal criteria and what the power of the CPI gives it”, he declared. Fufuca also spoke positively about the opening of the CPI by the Speaker of the House. Arthur Lira (PP): “There were 171 signatures and today we have 209, if my memory serves me well (…) I cannot say when it will be installed, not least because it does not depend on me, it depends on the board of directors of the Federal Chamber . I believe that as soon as we make the file, due to the fact that we have no other CPI in front of us, we will have speed in carrying out this commission”. Watch the full interview in the video below..

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