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Weather forecast for today, Sunday, January 15, 2023

Weather forecast data provided by the South African Meteorological Service. For a detailed forecast for your province click here.

severe weather alert

Impact based warnings:

A yellow Category 1 warning for damaging winds is expected between Alexandria Bay and Cape Agulhas, which will cause localized disruption to coastal activities such as rock fishing.

Fire Hazard Warning:

Very high fire danger conditions are expected in the district municipalities of Frances Baard and John Taolo Gaetsewe, the municipalities of Pixely Ka Seme, Nama Khoi, Kamiesberg and Hantam in the Northern Cape, and the district municipalities of Xhariep and Walter Sisulu in the Free State Eastern Cape .


A. The central and eastern parts of the north, the north-east of the Eastern Cape and the Free State are expected to experience a sustained high temperature heatwave until Monday, except for the north-east.

B. The Northern Cape city of Khai-Ma is expected to experience extreme heat and uncomfortable conditions until Sunday.

Temperature and UVB Forecast


temperature: Delicate and warm.

Expected UVB Sunburn Index: extreme.

Mpumalanga Province:

temperature: Clear weather in Highveld otherwise partly cloudy with warm evening fog along the cliffs. Lowveld will be hot.


temperature: Partly cloudy and warm with localized showers and rain in the northeast. I’ll be hot over the Lowveld and Limpopo Valley.

Northwest Province:

temperature: The far west is sunny and hot, but partly cloudy.

free state:

temperature: Sunny, hot to sweltering, partly cloudy in the south with localized showers and thunderstorms.

Northern Cape:

temperature: Extremely hot in the northern interior and partly cloudy in the southeast, hot to very hot with scattered showers and thunderstorms. It will be fine in the far west.

wind: Winds along the coast will vary from strong to southerly to southwesterly

Western Cape:

temperature: Sunny weather in the west, otherwise partly cloudy and warm to hot, but cloudy and cool in the south along the coast with possible showers and rain at times.

wind: Winds along the coast will be fresh to strong southerly to southeasterly.

Expected UVB Sunburn Index:extreme.

Eastern Cape:

Western half— Partly cloudy and cool south of the cliffs, otherwise partly cloudy, warm to hot with isolated showers and thundershowers.

Western half wind: Winds along the coast will be weak to moderate southeasterly.

Eastern half – Morning fog inland, partly cloudy and hot with showers and thundershowers, but cloudy and warm along the coast and adjacent inland.

Eastern halfwind: Winds along the coast will be weak to moderate southerly to southeasterly.


temperature: Morning fog shrouds the inland, originally sunny, warm to hot, partly cloudy in the south in the afternoon, with scattered showers and thunderstorms.

wind: Winds along the coast will be moderate easterly to northeasterly.

Expected UVB Sunburn Index: extreme.

Check out our daily regional weather forecast here for the latest information.

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