Well, it will happen, i.e. the most interesting game premieres in August 2022

We have good news for all fans of electronic entertainment – when it comes to upcoming game releases, August will pleasantly surprise us. It may not be hot autumn levels yet, but the upcoming titles are already showing a significant resurgence in the industry.

It’s getting better

Players haven’t had much to be happy about lately. Yes, there were gems like the narrative of As Dusk Falls or the cute Stray, which managed to beat even the last God Of War in Steam ratings. However, all of this was so little that, in principle, it could be said that way in July, the gaming industry fell into a holiday lethargy.

Fortunately for us, this period is probably behind us, because August is looking really good in terms of upcoming game releases. Suffice it to say that the list of debut titles at the time contained several almost certain hits. What kind? You will find out in the latest episode of our main video series.

The best game comes out in August 2022

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And what games are you waiting for in August 2022?

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