Wellington Diaz is to head the Bolsa Familia ministry

Hammer beaten. Former Piau governor Wellington Diaz (PT) is to be confirmed as the new Minister of Social Development in Lula’s government. This is the folder responsible for a number of social programs such as Bolsa Família and, for example, the national gas voucher. The announcement can be made at any time.

He confirmed the information that Diaz will be the new Minister of Social Development this Thursday (22) morning. Even today, newly elected President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) has to present up to 18 names to appear in his new cabinet. Diaz’s statement is one of the most anticipated.

There was an internal dispute over this ministry. Behind-the-scenes information revealed that the favorites to head the portfolio were Senator Simone Tebbet (MDB) and former Social Development Minister Teresa Campello (PT). The two worked together in one of the transition groups of the new government in this area.

In this sense, Diaz’s announcement should come as a surprise to the PT, which ultimately chose someone closer to President-elect Lula. A wing of the party has worked to prevent Tebet from taking the post, arguing that this portfolio has historical roots with the PA, as the ministry itself deals with the fight against hunger.

The Ministry of Social Development is also the portfolio that will have one of the largest budgets next year. With the approval of the Transitional PEC by the National Congress, this portfolio became eligible to receive another R$75 billion in addition to the R$105 billion already available in the initial budget plan.

Who is Wellington Diaz?

Wellington Dias is a banker, writer and career politician. He ruled Piaui Province for four terms. He was elected to this position in 2002, 2006, 2014 and 2018.

Diaz was also elected a senator of the Republic in 2010, in 2022 he was elected a senator again, collecting almost 1 million votes. Since these elections, he has been working closely with President-elect Lula in the transition team.

Wellington Diaz has been a member of the Workers’ Party (PT) since he was 23 years old. The future minister has the left as his political spectrum and is on a mission to lead the future of Bolsa Família from 2023.

Bolsa Familia

Regardless of the choice of the Minister of Social Development, the fact is that Bolsa Família must be maintained with minimum payments of R$ 600 per family. In addition, the program will have an additional R$ 150 for children under the age of six.

Today, Federal Government Assistance Brazil serves more than 21.6 million people from all regions of the country. It is expected that most of these users will automatically migrate to the new social program.

In recent interviews, members of the transition team in the field of social development stated that the new government should implement a kind of fine-tooth comb on the accounts of all users who are part of the program. This movement should take place in January-April next year.

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