Werne: Acute driver shortage?  RCS doesn't have itEnglish 

Werne: Acute driver shortage? RCS doesn’t have it

Adelheid Hauschopp-Francke, Managing Director at RCS, does not think there is an acute shortage of professional drivers in the company. © Montage RCS / dpa

Many companies in the industry have a driver shortage – not RCS from Werne. One reason is decisive for Adelheid Hauschopp-Francke from the management and gives a tip.

According to a recent survey by the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), 73 percent of local road freight and passenger transport companies (excluding taxis) complain of a lack of skilled workers. At the company RCS (disposal industry) in Werne, on the other hand, there is currently no acute shortage of drivers. For Adelheid Hauschopp-Francke from management, this is about one thing in particular. And it’s something she advises other companies to do to address the skills shortage.

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