What about mistletoe after Christmas? There are several ways to use it. You don’t have to throw the twigs in the trash can

Not only Christmas trees, but also mistletoe appeared in many Polish homes at Christmas. A kiss under the branches was supposed to ensure well-being for the household, and love and eternal love for couples in love. But the Christmas season has passed and the plant is still hanging from the ceiling or on the door. Many are wondering what to do with it. Throw? It turns out there are several ways to use it.


She had one of the Christmas symbols. It brings love, happiness and abundance. In many villages, people still believe in the health properties of hemiparasites. In houses, the plant is usually hung on the door or under the ceiling. When the holidays are over, the problem arises – how to safely get out of the house. We are checking.

For most people, mistletoe is only associated with the holidays. Nothing could be more wrong – the properties of the plant can be used throughout the year, all thanks to preparations based on it. The semi-parasite keeps the leaves for a long time, it used to be called magic. What effect it can have depends on the tree it grows on. Mistletoe has the following effects:

  • diuretic,
  • against cancer,
  • regulation of blood pressure,
  • regulation of metabolism,
  • soothing,
  • relief of menopausal symptoms.

Wishes fulfilled, time spent with family, we are slowly wondering what to do with the Christmas tree and mistletoe. Otherwise, it can dry out. The raw material is fresh fruit or the whole plant. It is best to hang the whole cluster in a dry place and wait. It will be used to prepare tinctures, ointments, lotions or infusions. They must be used with caution to avoid overdose. It is important not to eat fresh mistletoe! It’s poisonous.

However, when we decide to throw away the mistletoe, it is worth doing it not in the nearby garbage shed, but in … the forest. Location matters, you can’t do it just anywhere. The twigs will prove to be food for roe deer or fallow deer that feed on plants or tree bark in winter. It is best to throw “unwanted” mistletoe there. It will be the best post-Christmas gift for animals.

Gardeners are increasingly using the remains of balls or bunches in their areas. The plant can be an excellent litter for insects and animals that appear in the spring. Some hold twigs and light them in the fire, this is supposed to bring good luck. Folk tradition speaks of burning after the Epiphany.

The most down-to-earth and practical solution, especially for apartment dwellers, is to throw the mistletoe into a nearby container. But it’s worth doing it right, we don’t throw dry twigs in the first container, but in the bio-waste container. Plant remains, such as a Christmas tree, will also be accepted by PSZOK.

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