What are the best alternatives to not turning on the heating this winter?

November is approaching, so there are only a few weeks left to play turn on the heaterirreparable. Although it is a dreaded moment, currently, in most Spanish homes, there will be no choice but to activate the thermostat when the temperature drops. However, this daily gesture does not have to be synonymous with a gas bill excessively. There are many tricks that can easily be applied at home to reduce gas consumption, starting with keeping the indoor temperature at an average temperature of around 21 degrees. So it will be possible save up to 20% energyaccording to the estimated data of OCU.

Another tip is ventilate the house in winter just as long as necessary change the air, but preventing heat from escaping, and close the doors of the rooms we heat so that they take the temperature sooner. This will prevent the heating from being switched on longer than necessary. Equally, you have to wear a winter coat. Taking the opportunity to place rugs on the floor will prevent heat loss, and the use of thicker and darker curtains will help absorb the heat of the sun’s rays. Obviously, we also have to dress appropriately: turning up the heat to walk around the house in short sleeves is very stupid.

After all, lighting candles or using a fireplace or wood stove (if possible) will prevent us from turning on the heating so much and thus significantly reduce the consumption of our bill. On the same wayinvest if you can in insulating the houseInstalling good windows will show in what we pay for gas at the end of the month.

Five tips for reducing energy consumption at home

Along with these ideas, there are other tips that can be applied to reduce overall home energy consumption. For example, while it may seem like a large initial investment, bet on own consumption with the installation of solar panels, among other options, this will help us save money and be more efficient in the medium-long term.

Energy-efficient devices can also be purchased. Those with an A or higher mark will help us reduce consumption of electricity without making any effort at all. And, in the same way that we restore appliances, we can do the same with hot water and heating installations to make them much more efficient.

Finally, although not all homes are suitable for this, install home automation controls, sensors and electrostatic valves They will help us to have control over the ambient air conditioning, lighting, windows or water regulation, among other variables. These tools are useful for avoiding energy losses and therefore for saving.

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